Solve financial exploitation cases without getting lost in data or spending months on a case
Streamline the financial analysis part of your case and help victims get the swift justice they deserve:
Quickly import & analyze financial transaction data
Flag suspicious activity & potential fraud in seconds
Deliver your findings in a simple, court-ready report
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*Affordable, flexible pricing for all agency budgets
Financial exploitation is the most prevalent and fastest-growing crime committed against older adults
Yet investigators don’t have the time, tools, or resources to solve them. This means victims don’t always get justice and perpetrators often go unpunished.
The current solutions for investigators are time-consuming, expensive, or require special skills
Financial exploitation cases are so complex, it can take months (or even years) to solve them, especially if investigators don’t have the necessary tools, knowledge, or budget to hire an expert.
Introducing the world’s first forensic accounting software that helps investigators:
Quickly import & analyze financial transaction data
Instantly identify suspicious activity & potential fraud
Translate the findings into a simple, court-ready report
*Affordable, flexible pricing for all agency budgets
FraudFindr shows you exactly how much money was stolen and how — all delivered in a clear, court-ready report
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Designed for anyone who works financial exploitation cases
Perfect for all levels. No financial or accounting experience required!
Protective Services
Perfect for case workers, supervisors, and directors who need evidence of financial exploitation before bringing a case to law enforcement.
Law Enforcement
Ideal for all levels of law enforcement who need a clear and simple report they can deliver to their District Attorney or reference in court.
Financial Professionals
Train your accounting team and expand your firm’s services. Works well for attorneys and Medicaid look-back investigators, too!
Individuals & Families
Need a hand looking through a loved one’s financial records? Gather evidence of financial exploitation before you take your case to law enforcement or an attorney.
Why you’ll love using FraudFindr for all your financial exploitation cases:
No Accounting Experience Required
You don’t need to be a “numbers person” to use FraudFindr. If you have bank statements and the right information, you can use FraudFindr to solve your case.
Clear, Objective & Accurate
Through technology and automation, FraudFindr ensures your findings are thorough and accurate.
Faster Than Traditional Methods
Cases that used to take financial experts months to compile, can now be generated in hours by anyone working a financial exploitation case.
Financial Data is Safe, Secure & Protected
All data is stored in an encrypted database that only you have access to. We also use secure, encrypted access tokens to authenticate users and constantly rotate them to prevent old tokens from being used.
The ONLY forensic accounting tool that analyzes bank transactions AND translates the findings into a clear, court-ready report
Sorts, Analyzes & Translates Data
Unlike the alternatives, FraudFindr is a complete solution that not only paints the picture of the crime, but helps you explain it to the victim, prosecutors, and jurors.
Created by Forensic Accountants
FraudFindr was created by financial crimes experts who specialize in forensic accounting and have helped solve hundreds of financial exploitation cases.
Designed For Investigators, Not Math Experts
FraudFindr handles all of the complexity so you can focus on what you do best: investigating crimes, prosecuting suspects, and getting justice for victims.
Affordable, Flexible Pricing For All Budgets
Whether you’re a government-funded agency, private accounting firm, or a concerned relative, there’s a pricing plan that fits your needs and budget.

What our users are saying about FraudFindr:

"FraudFindr has a great case management system, including a dashboard that makes it easy to see the status of all cases at a glance. Imported transactions are screened and summarized by the software, and exceptions are presented in three diagnostic categories. The report module makes it easy to create the case report, with the option to add sections as needed."
"FraudFindr is very user-friendly and gets even easier with each use. It organizes and presents my information in a neat and professional report which can be customized to meet my individual project requirements. I would recommend FraudFindr for use by professionals and for personal finance tracking/budgeting purposes."
"FraudFindr is user-friendly and presents extensive data in an easy-to-read format. It detects suspicious activity in seconds and alerts the user to review those transactions. This technology is groundbreaking for the field of forensic accounting."
"As a company that processes numerous financial statements, we were looking for an affordable, quick, and simple way for our company and FraudFindr more than delivered. They allow for simple processing of financial records for a small fee into easy-to-read appendices with a complimentary report template that allow our team of professionals to convey that information to our end users. We saw an immediate increase in our ability to process substantial amounts of financial records quickly and efficiently requiring less direct labor. FraudFindr provided us with a few amazing plans to choose from based on our company size and the ability to scale with our future growth. We wholeheartedly recommend FraudFindr to everyone we know."