Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re working on a single case or streamlining processes at your firm, we have affordable, flexible plans that fit your needs and budget.
What is FraudFindr?

FraudFindr is a cloud-based forensic accounting tool that helps individuals and agencies solve financial exploitation cases more quickly and with less effort.

Can anyone use FraudFindr?

Yes! We designed FraudFindr to be powerful enough to be used by expert forensic accountants, but simple enough to be used by individuals who need to investigate a single case. There are no restrictions on who can sign up to use FraudFindr!

How do I use FraudFindr?

Using FraudFindr is simple. First sign up and create your first case. Then, enter the victim and suspect information. Next, link bank accounts, upload PDF or CSV bank statements, and run diagnostics. FraudFindr will automatically flag suspicious transactions based on the data you entered. Finally, attribute spending to the victim or suspect and generate your report!

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! When you sign up to use FraudFindr, you'll start with a 14-day free trial.

How does FraudFindr handle privacy and security?

We know that uploading sensitive information such as bank transaction data, spending habits, and victim or suspect information to a cloud-based web software can seem risky. That's why our data is securely stored and encrypted using the Google Cloud Platform — a highly secure, stable, and reliable system.

Users can only access their own data and no one else's. Particularly sensitive data is stored in the database using an encryption algorithm. That means even if someone breached multiple layers of security, the data they'd obtain would be a useless sequence of letters and numbers.

What are "active" users and cases?

You can have as many users or cases in FraudFindr as you like, but only a limited number of users and cases can be active at once (depending on your plan). Any additional users or cases beyond what your plan allows must remain in an archived state where they cannot be edited. You can archive and unarchive cases at any time.

What are "OCR" pages?

"OCR" stands for Optical Character Recognition, which is how we convert PDF documents to usable transaction data in our system. The number of OCR pages in your plan determines how many PDF pages you can upload and process each month.

Do I need to install FraudFindr on my computer?

No! FraudFindr is a cloud-based web software, which means you can login and access your account using any browser, on any computer, from anywhere in the world. Nothing needs to be installed and no data will ever be stored on your computer.

Do OCR pages rollover into the next billing period?

No. OCR pages must be used within your billing cycle and do not accumulate in your account or rollover into the next billing period.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time and our platform will handle the payment difference depending on your billing frequency.