What’s included in FraudFindr?

Learn more about the features of this innovative, cloud-based solution for solving financial exploitation cases.
Case Details
Collect the right information to support your case
No more guessing! With our simple questionnaires, you’ll know exactly what information to collect about your case, from victim demographics and spending patterns to suspect habits, giving you everything you need to build a comprehensive, court-ready report.
Instantly connect bank accounts or easily upload bank statements
Instead of spending weeks manually sorting, scanning, and entering bank statement data, you can use FraudFindr to automatically import transaction data by connecting the victim or suspect bank accounts, or by easily uploading transaction data via PDF or CSV.
Automatically detect and flag fraudulent or suspicious activity in seconds
Rather than manually reviewing transaction data line by line, our algorithm sorts and analyzes any number of bank statements in seconds, allowing you to instantly identify fraudulent transactions, suspicious activity, or missing information.
Transaction Summary
Review the findings from a high-level or detailed view
After running diagnostics, FraudFindr will summarize the transaction data, attribute spending to either the victim or suspect, and flag fraudulent or suspicious activity. All you have to do is review and confirm the findings!
Translate your findings into a clear, court-ready report
Once your analysis is complete, use our simple, drag & drop report builder to create a custom, court-ready report. You can add any sections you like, including scope, background, case summary, and more. When you’re finished, simply export to generate your PDF report.
See all of your cases, workload, and KPI’s at a glance
Quickly access your most recent cases or see open, pending, or closed cases in seconds. Instantly evaluate your performance with helpful KPI’s including total cases, average duration of a case, team assignments, and more.
Record important notes throughout the entire process
Add notes to specific transactions, diagnostic results, account notes, or general notes which can be saved for later use or added into your court-ready report.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is FraudFindr?

FraudFindr is a cloud-based forensic accounting tool that helps individuals and agencies solve financial exploitation cases more quickly and with less effort.

Can anyone use FraudFindr?

Yes! We designed FraudFindr to be powerful enough to be used by expert forensic accountants, but simple enough to be used by individuals who need to investigate a single case. There are no restrictions on who can sign up to use FraudFindr!

How do I use FraudFindr?

Using FraudFindr is simple. First sign up and create your first case. Then, enter the victim and suspect information. Next, link bank accounts, upload PDF or CSV bank statements, and run diagnostics. FraudFindr will automatically flag suspicious transactions based on the data you entered. Finally, attribute spending to the victim or suspect and generate your report!