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Activities of Daily Living Fundamental skills that are required to care for oneself independently, such as еаtіng, bathing, аnd mаnаgіng mеdісаtіоn. Activities of Daily Living are… Adult Protective Services State and local agency that provides social services to abused, neglected, or exploited older adults and adults with significant disabilities. Adult Protective… Assistant District Attorney Will review and prosecute a case, meet with law enforcement, witnesses, and victims. Assistant District Attorney's are also referred to as ADAs. Certified Fraud Examiner A credentialed anti-fraud professional involved in discovering, investigating, and resolving fraud cases. A Certified Fraud Examiner can also be referred to as… Certified Public Accountant A trusted accounting professional who has gone through a rigorous exam and state-level certification process. A Certified Public Accountant is also known… Department of Health A department of the U.S. federal government created to protect the health of the U.S. people and provide essential human services. The… Department of Social Services Provides guidance and technical assistance to agencies that provide direct services that address issues of poverty, family violence and exploitation. The Department… District Attorney A public official who is appointed or elected to represent the state in criminal judicial proceedings in a particular judicial district or… Elder Abuse An intentional act or failure to act that causes or creates a risk of harm to an older adult. Elder Abuse can… Financial Exploitation A subset of elder abuse; the inappropriate use of an older person’s financial resources, for the benefit of someone other than the… First Responders An organization with specialized training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance or incident resolution at the scene of… Forensic Accountant Someone who collects accounting records and assesses transactions to find misreported and unethical actions. Forensic Accountant can be shortened to FA. Guardian or Conservator Someone who has the legal authority to make decisions relevant to the personal and property interests of another person who is deemed… Guardianship or Conservatorship Authorizes a court to appoint a guardian to manage the personal or financial affairs of a person who cannot manage for himself… Health Care Proxy A document that names someone you trust as your proxy, or agent, to express your wishes and make health care decisions for… Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Activities that allow an individual to live independently in a community, such as grосеrу shopping, writing сhесkѕ, аnd bаlаnсіng a checkbook. Instrumental… National Adult Protective Service Association A national non-profit organization that provides Adult Protective Services (APS) programs a forum for sharing information, solving problems, and improving the quality… Office for the Aging Promotes the application of psychological knowledge to issues affecting the health and well-being of older adults. Each state in the U.S. has… Poly Victimization The exposure to multiple types of violence or victimization. Power of Attorney A legal authorization for a designated person (an agent) to make decisions about another person's (a principal’s) property, finances, or medical care.… Representative Payee Someone who acts as the receiver of United States Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income for a person who is not… Social Security Administration Administers social programs covering disability, retirement, and survivors' benefits, among other services. The Social Security Administration is also known as SSA. Social Support Positive exchanges with network members that help people stay healthy or cope with adverse events. Supplemental Security Income Provides monthly payments to adults and children with a disability or blindness who have income and resources below specific financial limits. Supplemental… Treatment Gap The difference between the number of people who need care and those who receive care.