Adult Protective Services (APS) is a government agency that investigates and addresses cases involving vulnerable adults that have undergone abuse, neglect, or exploitation.  The role of Adult Protective Services in financial exploitation cases is to protect the well-being and financial assets of vulnerable adults.  APS plays a crucial role in protecting the financial assets and well-being of vulnerable adults for financial exploitation cases.

What do they do?

In the context of financial exploitation forensic accounting cases, Adult Protective Services works in works in partnership with law enforcement, health care providers, and forensic accountants to determine the level of exploitation of a victim.  APS investigators often gather information from the victim, witnesses, and other sources.  This will allow agents to determine the extent of the exploitation and the financial harm incurred.  They may also take steps to protect the victim’s assets and prevent further exploitation.  For example, placing a hold on their bank accounts or arranging for a guardian or conservator to manage their finances.

Collaborating with Others

Adult Protective Services also collaborates with law enforcement and forensic accountants to identify and prosecute the perpetrators of financial exploitation.  APS investigators may provide critical information to the investigative team.  In fact, critical information such as witness statements or financial records can help build a stronger case against the perpetrators.

Providing Assistance

In addition to their role in investigating and prosecuting cases of financial exploitation, Adult Protective Services also provides support and resources to victims.  This can include assistance with securing appropriate housing, accessing medical and social services, and navigating the criminal justice system.

In conclusion, Adult Protective Services works to protect the well-being and financial assets of vulnerable adults in financial exploitation cases.  Their involvement helps ensure those who commit these crimes are held accountable and brought to justice.